Wednesday 31 May 2017

Lakenheath, Suffolk

After a short wait, the Marsh Warbler that had been present for a short while started singing:

Marsh Warbler (recording opens in a new window)

Marsh Warbler

Marsh Warbler

Sunday 21 May 2017

Luddenham and Motney Hill

Birding time was short for us today having long made plans to spend time with friends living near Norton, Faversham. Popping into Luddenham very quickly on-route resulted in seeing two Spotted Flycatchers. More surprising was seeing a further two in an orchard along the A2 while having coffee and cake! 

Our day was essentially non-birding, but did involve a wonderful walk to Conyer where we had a delightful lunch outside enjoying the beautiful weather hearing Cuckoo and seeing a couple of Buzzards as we made our way.

Journeying home, we detoured via Motney Hill where still this site provides one of the few reliable sites for Turtle Dove near our home in Gillingham and we were not to be disappointed as one was quickly located singing on the telephone wires while a Cuckoo sang distantly.

A lovely day, with great birds, company and exercise! The only down-point remains that our dog Nell is still recovering from cruciate ligament surgery. She would so have enjoyed the walk today.

Spotted Flycatcher

Turtle Dove