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Senegal (Day 3 - Part 1, Canon Camera)


Vieillot's Barbet

Vinaceous Dove

Little Grey Woodpecker

Laughing Dove

African Green Bee-eater

Senegal Batis

Senegal Batis

Tree Pipit

Senegal (Day 3 - Part 2, Canon Camera)

Black-headed Lapwing

Temminck's Courser

Spotted Thick-knee

Black Scrub Robin

Long-tailed Nightjar

Montagu's Harrier

Grey (Mauritanian) Heron


Senegal (Day 3 - Part 3, Canon Camera)

Senegal Thick-knee

Side-striped Jackal

Great White Pelican

Black-winged Kite

Arabian Bustard

Common Warthog

Kittlitz's Plover

African Golden Wolf


Senegal (Day 3 - Sony Camera)

Young Barn Owls ensured that the viewing hide was unavailable!
Short-eared Owl. One of up to six viewed at this site (Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj)
Black-winged Stilt