Saturday, 11 December 2010

Trilling Waxwings and the tailess Glaucous

The dilemma today centred around the need to complete further Christmas shopping while still managing to get out in to the field; as Waxwings were in evidence at many sites throughout the county and the juvenile Glaucous Gull was still at Dungeness. We travelled to Folkestone arriving soon after 10:30 and shortly after arrival were watching some 240 Waxwings at the busy retail park. After soaking in the experience for a while, we left for Dungeness and visited the RSPB reserve to pick up a few suitable presents for family and garden birds before catching up with the 'tailess' juvenile Glaucous Gull near the fishing boats. Other species seen on the ARC included: Goosander (2 females), Ruddy Duck (6), Goldeneye (3), Yellow-legged Gull (1) and Cetti's Warbler (heard).


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